Wax Melts


Our deluxe wax melts are designed for use in oil burners. They do NOT mix with water. Simply place your melt into the well of your burner with tea light underneath (Preferably Soy Wax Tea Light) 

We are often asked how long our melts last. The answer varies due to the melting process and soy wax not burning like a candle. It all depends on your scent tolerance, size of your room and scent being released. Stronger scents could last a lot longer. 

It is only the scent that is released and will eventually evaporate, not the wax. Most customers average two 4 hour tea lights per melt. Melts come in a packet of 5 hearts with a minimum of 20 hour burning time. 

When you are ready to change your wax, you can soak up melted wax with kitchen roll or if your wax has already solidified, place the burner in the fridge for 10 minutes. The cold shrinks the wax and it will pop out easily, ready for your replacement. Wait until your burner is back to room temperature before using again. 

Be sure to always wash your oil burner inside and out between uses to reduce the risk of fire, this is extremely important when using paraffin tea lights.


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